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of political party we want to be asked whether they want to become a party that david brooks, the conservative, described, a party that will not compromise the matter how sweet the deal for the site might be and how great consequences for our nation. >> hariri is talking about conservative "new york tes - -- have we read it is talking about conservative "new york times" columnist david brooks, wrote that the republican party is no longer a normal party. its members, he says, don't accept the logic of compromise. >> forgive me, i have to correct your copy again. he is a great calmness, but he's not conservative -- great columnist, but he's not conservative. he is moderate. >> modate conservative. >> no, he is moderate, open to all views. what you are saying, if you hear eric cantor john boehner, we are ready for tax reform, which was done in the mid-1980's. you cut out the loopholes and you use the money to cut rates. you get the fairness. rich don't have advantages by having the lobbyists create loopholes and exploit them. you stimulate economic growth because the loopholes and in and of thems
. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> we have breaking news from orlando. >> casey's courthouse makeover. >> she let her hair down, a woman that looks happy, like she's ready to get back to life as she knew it. >> she was maria von trapp and now she's sophia loren. >> i think juror number 3's views are consistent with the other jurors. >> did thjose baez go after barbara walters? >> it's very possible now this girl becomes a millionaire. >> casey anthony, brothers menendez. these are all very significant trials. >> the cases that captivated our nation, the inside back story. >> the menendez mug shots. where are they now? >> inside kate and william's tour. plus, the report card. >> a new york housewife bankrupt and sent packing by her ex, a billionaire j.p. morgan heir? >> to have my home at risk is scary. >> plus, the billion-dollar l.a. dodgers split. >> celebrity coast to coast divorces. >> most people think this is the most expensive divorce in california history. >> and could maria shriver reveal all in a new bombshell book? >> hollywood, kennedy family, scandal
david brooks, conservive, described, no matter how great the consequences are to our nation. >> the senate majority leader is talking about conservative "new york times" columnist david brooks' column, saying that the republicans have been affected by a faction that is more a psychological protest than a practical alternative. its members charles don't accept the logic of compromise. >> forgive me, i have to correct your copy again. he is a great columnist but he's not conservative. he is a moderate. >> moderate conservative. >> no, he is a moderate. >> moderate. he is open to all views. i think the republicans are correct. when you listen to eric cantor, john boehner, we are ready for tax reform. it was done in the mid-19's, a great piece of legislation. you get the fairness, the rich don't have the it manages while having lobbyists create loopholes and exploit them, and you stimulate economic growth because the loopholes are in and of themselves distorting economically and the low rates encourage economic activity. that is what republicans have been asking for, not to elim
of interesting characters, including a u.s. intelligence agent named brooke chanda who may or may not save the day. mr. patterson was a lawyer before becoming a writer concert at one point as assistant attorney general for the state of ohio. he also worked as a lawyer for the securities and exchange commission that he has been chairman of the organization common cause and has written for such publications as the times of london and the "washington post." many of his works have been international sellers, and i daresay that "the devil's light" will join that list. is welcome richard north patterson. [applause] >> it's great to see you and to have read your book, "the devil's light" doesn't refer to osama bin laden's flashlight but to the light emitted from a nuclear weapon. and this is a very serious subject, and people who know your career will not be surprised that you have tackled this subject. your other books, for example, eclipse was a human rights, africa and the geopolitics loyal and her previous books, exile and before that was about the israeli-palestinian conflict. you are known
's undoubtedly the case that david cameron lives very close to rebecca brooks in a part of the countryside, there's a chipping norton set like a poughkeepsie set may in the united states, not very glamorous, but at the heart of the -- but previously there was a close relationship between brooks and the murdochs and blair and some of his ministers, too, so the working of that soft power network, where you have the politicians, the media owners and regulations, it's not like the sectors, a much closer nexus there already, and the murdochs have been absolutely superb at courting and capturing the political classes, and making sure that they -- that they bend to their will. the political class -- >> let me jump in for a second. let me bring in toby. as he admitted, politicians sort of -- because they wanted support from the media and pleats were paid off. >> taking payments. some payments were in 1992, it was the sun what won it, the conservatives, an it's been a received wisdom that you needed the endorsement of "the sun" to get into power and get your messages across. that dam seems to have burst,
is there in london and last been seen leaving his town house and had with him one of top editors, rebecca brooks with him and said to the crowd there that she is his top priority, what more can you tell us about this? >> reporter: yeah, clearly rupert murdoch is here personally handling this crisis and showing very publicly his support for rebecca brooks, even though there have been a number of calls for her either to resign or to be sacked. so it does seem that rupert murdock is taking a personal hand in this at this point. i do have a copy of the final edition here. thank you and good-bye. in this edition, the paper is clearly proud of the 168 years of history but it has also offered an apology saying, quote, there is no justification for this appalling wrong doing. we have to see in the next few days what happens but it does seem for now he is giving his full support to rebecca brooks. >> what about the 200 to 300 employees of the "news of the world", many of them worked a full day putting out the last issue. did they have anything to say at the end of their work day? >> reporter: well, it do
conservative voices like david brooks of "the new york times" are telling republicans it's time to make a deal. brooks wrote this week and it got a lot of attention. if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see that democrats were willing to compromise but republicans were not. if responsible republicans don't take control, independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused this default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right. got a lot of attention. i asked senator jim demint about it. and he said, well, david brooks doesn't speak for true republicans. that's what he said. >> he doesn't speak for jim demint, that's for sure. he certainly doesn't speak for some of the house freshmen that were elected on the whole idea this whole tea party philosophy that they're going to come to washington and shake things up, basically be obstructionists. but david brooks is absolutely right. what we've seen here in washington is kind of a sad nose over the past couple of years. we've seen negotiators and compromisers leave. we have seen senat
stuart brooks who has been bob bell's long time general manager it was just last night he was diagnosed with leukemia. he died this morning just before 6:00. he leaves behind his wife, five daughters, grand children and numerous great grand children. he will be laid to rest thursday in clarksville. the the viewing will be coming up on wednesday. bob bell, 78 years old, countless charities and served on numerous boards all through maryland. >>> now, let's talk about this fire. a hotel in baltimore county, they say the days inn right there, started in a storage room. this is video no other station has. your looking at a rescue of a woman from the 7th floor. there she is being put down, being brought down the ladder. the fire started shortly after 8:00 last night in a locked storage room on the 7th floor. 160 guests had to be evacuated from the hotel. they tell us what they saw last night. >> my daughter woke me up and said that the cable went out. so i called down, nobody answered the phone at first and then i called down again and got ahold of somebody and as i was talking to them on the
-- what it used to be. but because of recent events, a lot of the republican moderates, the david brooks types, are going to be the ones to stand up and call a halt or come after south carolina. chris: i wonder whether cerebral writers, bright people, are not really in tune with that base out there. >> that's right. and this could be a flash in the pan. and remember mike huckabee won the iowa primary in 2008. buchanan won the new mexico primary in -- the new hampshire primary in 1996. so we'll just have to see. but i would go the conventional wisdom route on this. i think this all helps romney. there's lots of debate. there's lots of high throwing. -- pie-throwing. she probably won't go in the history books. but, again, you never know. chris: there's some spark there, i hear. she seems to have perfect pitch for some people. >> i think there's something interesting about the fact that she's so categorical about it. she's yes or no. and for a lot of back and forth that we've seen in washington, that must be very refreshing. >> chris: she's so crystal clear. i think there's a potential that
editor is rebecca brooks now murdoch's chief executive in britain. she still has her job despite calls for dismissal. and an address that fired employees that came by sky news, she said the paper had to be killed quickly. >> eventually it will come out why things went wrong and that will be another very difficult moment. >> proceeds from the final issue which is set to be one of the biggest sellers ever will to go charity. top u.k. lawmakers are talking about holding a government inquiry. still to come right here on abc 7 news, roller coaster tragedy, a gulf war veteran dies after following out of roller coaster ride, investigation underway. hines ward arrested why the player is facing charges tonight. and royal victory, prince william leads his team to a win in a charity polo match. what else the royal couple is up to tonight after this break. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs ou
of the world," is rebekah brooks, now murdoch's editor in britain. she still has her job, despite calls for a dismissal. she said the paper had to be killed quickly. >> eventually, it will c ce out, why things went wrong and who was responsible. and that will be -- that will be another very, very difficult moment in this company's history. >> reporter: with a comment like that, it is clear the scandal will not be dying with the paper. it's fair to say there's a lot of reporters, managers, politicians and police, wondering if and when they will be facing criminal charges. david? >> jeffrey kofman in london. jeffffy, thank you. >>> while the closing of that british newspaper is the headline dominating the news in london, it's a part of britain making headlines here. the future king and queen are in this country. british royalty meeting hollywood royalty tonight. prince william and kate are in southern california. and abc's bob woodruff is with them in santa barbara this evening. bob, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. yeah. the game has just begun. this is a beautiful spot ri
to close down operations. yet today, owner rupert murdoch expressed "total support for rebekah brooks," the embattled executive who formerly edited the paper. south sudan became the newest nation trying to become the u.n.'s 193rd member following civil wars that left an estimated 1.5 million dead. holding most of the nation's oil reserve, continued tensions in the former sudan. dignitaries at the ceremonies were colin powell and u.n. envoy susan rice. a federal judge in new york city heard arguments in a lawsuit that challenges search procedures at the u.s. border. at issue the privacy of personal electronic devices and the plaintiff is an american citizen who says he has done nothing wrong. michelle miller has more. >> i've crossed the border dozens of times. >> pascal was on a train from montreal to new york last year when his travel history raised concerns at the u.s. border. >> i lived in jordan. i've traveled to lebanon. and i've also been to yemen. >> border agents searched his belongings, seized his laptop and ordered him to log on. >> next thing i know, my laptop is being peru
've had so far, also where your products are being sold through. >> brook i definitely want to mention that, and we've sold a couple thousands so far. that's really important. sorry i missed it. >> one thing we talked about in an elevator pitch is always show traction. this is where we're going, this is where we're going and this is where we think we're going to go. based on what he said, would you take another meet? >> i'm a little concerned you don't cover cell phones. i think that's the biggest problem. i think $600,000 is a big raise, but i'd take the meeting. >> terry? >> i'd take a meeting, also. one other thing i'd like to see address saturday if there's been any pushback with tsa security requirements or anything like that and if there's a negative associated with it and how you're addressing it. >> good luck with everything. thank you so much and thank you for everything. really appreciate it. >>> if any of you have a product or service and want feedback from our elevator pitch panel on your chances of getting interested investors, send us
to nursing he landed a job at the stony brook medical center where he saw opportunity in a field that was traditionally dominated by women. >> i do not know if i was foolish or not but partly because i came into the workforce as a man in his 40's going into this field where i knew there would not be a lot of men of my age correct that i would be competing for jobs with. >> health care is one field where the research center found that men are finding jobs at a faster rate than women. since the recovery started two years ago man gained 805,000 jobs while women lost 281,000 jobs is a major shift from the start of the recession and they say then, men lost seven out of 10 jobs and it is not surprising that they're gaining jobs faster. it pick up and manufacturing earlier this year helped lead man to work but it is another reason for the gender gap. >> because of all of the impact at government, that is a huge impact on women make up the majority of state and government workers, a local levers we have seen at sharply off that has disproportionately hurt more women. >> layoffs for t
's lieutenant, rebecca brooks, who is refusing to resign, is it possible that she didn't know about this as she's saying? >> anything's possible. what i would like to know, what i haven't seen written anywhere, what stories came out from this kind of phone hacking of the kidnapped girl. if stories came out from that phone hacking, andndf the editor of the paper, look at those stories before they said to the reporter, how do you know this or how do you know that, any good editor is supposed to know how reporters get their stories. but, so far, we don't know any of that. >> and, nina, what do you -- what impact do you think this has, not just on murdock's empire but the sort of tabloid culture there and even here, if at all? >> tabloids will never go away. they are part of the history of, at least a western democracy, but, it does show you, when politicians, and the news media, are completely intertwined, not just get i ibed together, bebeuse they've always been in bed together a little bit. but their ownership is intertwined with the power of the press, it can get to be a very dangerous proposit
on twitter -- guest: that's true, in the last week, you have seen david brooks and the economist magazine criticized the republican party for their total unwillingness to talk about tax increases. ronald reagan is their standard bearer and the one they want to follow, he managed the largest tax increase in american history and it helped. they will -- this will end up hurting the republicans. independent voters are seeing this and seeing a party that is the hold and the tea party element. they are not willing to take themselves seriously about issues and they are moving too far to the right for independent voters and it will burn them. host: also this comment on twitter -- what do you think about that? guest: a centrist chances in republican primary is difficult. i think that is the problem with met romney. met romney. h mitt romney. look at what happened in delaware in the senate primary where christy know donald beat her opponents. -- mcdonald -- kristine o'donnell. mitt romney will probably win new hampshire but he will probably lose a whole -- iowa. there are voters that come out and t
with brooke chancellor. >> those were the fun scenes. i want to point out they, are there. [laughter] >> it gets into quite a few scenes with them but like real life, the politics and so forth and they talk about different things but the question from the audience is how, one of the questions is how influential israel is to the foreign policy and in terms of this book, can you talk about that because you do explore that issue in the book. >> in terms of the proposition placed on the nuclear terrorism they are both concerned about it and ought to be an televisa i think for example and israel defense geography and its infrastructure and all the rest and certainly the structure of new york and washington and the futures of the democracy and commitment to the middle east and civil liberties and all the rest, so we both have a profound concern with mutual terrorism but they are concerned about them and we are concerned about us as a first proposition and then there's a history distrust between the cia and the mossad feeling on behalf of the u.s. sometimes to manipulate us to our in-house
to raise? this is what david brooks wrote in his column. i'm sure you saw it this week about the republican economy "the struggles of the next few weeks are about what sort of party the gop is -- a normal conservative party or an old protest movement that separated itself from normal governance, the normal rules of evidence and the ancient habits of our nation. if the debt ceiling talks fail, independent voters will see that democrats were willing to compromise but republicans were not. if responsible republicans don't take control, independents will conclude that republicans caused this default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern." >> this is not a time for rockefellerism. we have a country that is sinking, in the verge of a crisis of the debt and ceiling issue that is one symptom of many problems. if the answer is to split the difference with the democrats and be for tax increases, for more spending, but just a little less than the democrats, that's not -- >> but that's not factual. that's not the deal on the table. there was an opportunity for $4 trillion in spendi
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)